To be a part of the Lone Grove varsity cheer team requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

To be a part of the Lone Grove varsity cheer team requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

These are traits to which Chloe Adams didn’t just take with her when she graduated this past May, but has since applied to her new squad at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.

After trading in her black and white for blue and gold, Adams has been hard at work over the summer helping the UCO cheer team prep for UCA Nationals this January in Florida. She said that while the work is extremely difficult, the positive energy around the program itself makes everything worth it.

“Being a member of the UCO cheer squad has definitely been one the best experiences for me,” she said. “The energy around all of the cheerleaders is so positive and encouraging. Whether we’re doing appearances or practicing, it’s always positive.”

“It’s a lot of work definitely being on the squad,” Adams added. “But the coaches are extremely helpful, and everyone is just wanting to push each other to be the absolute best they can be together.”

Before she could begin getting to know her new teammates in Edmond, Adams first had to make the UCO cheer team by enduring a tough two-day tryout process.

“On the first day we had to exhibit tumbling skills, and we worked on elite stunting as well as game day material,” Adams said. “On Day two we started things with a difficult workout consisting of lifting weights followed by some cardio, which was then followed by us performing the game day material we had learned the previous day. It was a tough weekend, but it was all worth it for me and my fellow teammates who tried out and made the team with me.” 

During her time at Lone Grove High School, Adams was a member of the Student Council as well as the Lone Grove varsity cheer squad. While she loved getting to perform in high school and cheering at games, Adams said college cheer adds so many more elements to the actual sport and dynamic of cheer that she never knew existed.

“High school cheer was a blast and cheering on the Lone Grove team was great for me,” she said. “But I have to say college cheer is so much more than that. You have to have the energy of performing, but at the same time have the skills to compete at a high level. It’s definitely a lot harder than I imagined it would be.”

“In my opinion, the biggest difference between high school and college cheer would be the level of competition,” Adams added. “There’s also elite stunts as well as tumbling mixed in.” 

Adams will be joining a UCO program which is fresh off a third place finish at the 2018 UCA National competition, and will be looking to add its 12th national title in program history, as well as going for its fourth STUNT National title in 2019.

“We’ve already started prepping for January when nationals comes up,” Adams said. “Preparing our squad to compete on such a large scale on such a huge stage is very challenging. We don’t just spend hours practicing stunts and cheers, but we also try to train our minds and our bodies outside of practice. We’re always trying to encourage one another, and I hope that together we can prove all the hours of sacrifice and hard work are worth it, and we can bring home another national title to UCO.”

Adams plans to major in Professional Selling, which she said is a program that is not offered at many colleges across the country.

She plans on working towards a business marketing degree at UCO and has plans to become a pharmaceutical sales representative following college.