On July 20, Ardmore Family Literacy will be hosting the Lucky Strike Bowling Tournament with all funds raised benefiting the organization. This event is made even more exciting because it is to be their first formal fundraiser.
The organization originally formed five years ago as the Barbara Bush Literacy Corps, but they changed their name to Ardmore Family Literacy three years ago. Their mission is to improve adult literacy levels. Typically this involves helping adult students prepare for and pass their GED. However, the program is also open to any adult who desires to improve their literacy.
The program runs on the traditional school calendar and five days a week, degreed teachers provide instruction on language, math, science and social studies. This instruction and assistance even extends beyond the classroom.
“As they get ready for their GED test, we will set that up for them,” Executive Director, Leslie Kutz said. “It’s all at no cost to the student at all.”
Another focus of the the program is helping the students decide what comes after graduation, and many have chosen to continue their education. Graduates have taken courses at Southern Tech, The University Center of Southern Oklahoma and Murray State College. In fact, 75 percent of 2018 graduates have chosen this path and are now enrolled at one of these institutions. This not only helps the individual, but as Kutz explained, the entire community benefits.
“Our goal is to improve literacy levels to help them add more value to our workforce,” Kutz said. “The more advanced they can get in their education levels, the more they contribute to that workforce.”
A final facet of Ardmore Family Literacy, explains the “family” portion of their name. Not only do the students have access to free daycare for children aged newborn to three-years old, they also learn skills to help foster a love of learning in their children.
“We work on how to value their kid’s education,” Kutz said. “They learn how to communicate with their children and the importance of reading to them.”
Because Ardmore Family Literacy is a nonprofit organization they run off of donations and grants. To help raise both funds and awareness of the program, they decided to host their first fundraiser.
“We’ve been thinking about what to do for several months,” Kutz said. “We wanted to think of something different that nobody else was doing.”
Ultimately, they settled on their bowling tournament. They have rented out Good Times Lanes for the evening and plan to have a fun, relaxed event.
“It’s just a fun night. It’s going to be really laid back. We just want everyone to come and have fun, have a spirited competition, laugh a lot, and have a good time,” Kutz said.
Businesses and other organizations can sign up for various sponsorship levels at a variety of price points. In addition to these larger groups, individuals are also welcome to attend. The cost for singles is $150, and they will be placed onto teams with others who are not attending as part of a larger group. A tax receipt will be provided, so this entry fee can be counted as a donation.
“We just want everyone to come have a fun evening. And at the end of the day contribute to a great cause,” Kutz said.
To register, contact lkutz@abblc.org. You can also learn more about Ardmore Family Literacy by visiting their website www.ardmorefamilyliteracy.org.