None of Dr. Lee Grant’s patients are strangers to his passion for Brazilian ju jitsu—or safety preparedness.
Grant, the owner of Proactive Chiropractic in downtown Ardmore, has been involved with Brazilian Ju jitsu for more than 5 years. Grant’s love of BJJ is what originally prompted him to bring instructors in to teach basic self-defense classes.
“My very first class I went to, I rolled with a lady who was much smaller than me,” Grant said. “The way she was able to use leverage and technique to overtake someone my size was eye-opening.” Grant said he loves the discipline and often encourages people at all levels to join in.
The instructors, Chelsah’ Lyons and Steve Paek were chosen by Grant because of their techniques. Lyons is a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt trained under Rob Ables and a current 2-time defending Fight to Win Pro no-gi Light Weight Champion with a 6-0 record as well as a four-time world medalist. Paek is a Krav Maga Alliance black belt and a certified level 6 Krava Maga instructor with over 17 years of martial arts experience.
The first class in December 2016 had more than 30 participants.
“There were women from ages 14 to 60,” Grant said. “The classes focus on not just self defense but also situational awareness.”
Instructors not only teach participants how to defend themselves, but how to recognize potentially dangerous situations including knowing how to tell if they’ve been ‘marked’ as targets. They will also cover deescalation of volatile situations as well as how to remove themselves from situations once they’ve employed those defensive strategies.
Grant said participants are encouraged to wear street clothes similar to what they wear on a daily basis to simulate real world experiences.
“There will be some floor work involved, so regular training attire or pants are probably the best option,” Grant said. “This is not a class that will turn every woman into Rambo after one class.” Grant said he hopes they can impart some basic skills to help local women be safer in their daily lives.
The self-defense seminar will be held at Tribal Jiujitsu from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 14.
Registration is open to all women ages 12 and up. Cost to attend is $25 prior to July 13 and $30 at the door. RSVP by text to (580) 222-6777 is required to secure a spot at the seminar.