2 Cajuns Southern Cuisine opened its doors on June 5, but for owners Ricky and Lisa Berzas, this simply allowed them to expand their already successful business, 2 Cajuns Express, a popular area food truck.
The couple first came to Oklahoma, along with their family, in late 2010. Originally from the Lake Charles,
Louisiana area, Lisa explained the family’s decision to move.
“The hurricane [Rita] wiped everything out, but we tried to stick it out for around five years,” Berzas said. Though they attempted to rebuild their lives, their situation in Louisiana was not improving. That’s when they decided to go on a vacation to clear their minds and decide what to do.
“I’d said if I could just sit by a waterfall, I could just wash all this away,” Lisa said.
Fortunately, Ricky knew of a waterfall only eight hours away. The waterfall is, of course, Turner Falls, and the couple vacationed near the falls for three days. Each day of their vacation they would sit by the waterfall and talk about what they should do. Ultimately, they decided to move from Louisiana and make a fresh start somewhere new.
After returning from their vacation, they were unsure where they wanted to go. But then funny things started happening.
“I swear everything that would come in the mail was Oklahoma. We never asked about information or filled out any pamphlets or anything like that.” Because they had enjoyed their time here, they took this as a sign and decided to make Oklahoma home. The decision was also a practical one.
“It’s not too far away and it’s not too cold,” Lisa laughed. “We’re from South Louisiana so we don’t do the cold well!”
After spending two months traveling the state, they decided to settle in Davis near the waterfall that first drew them in. They later moved to Duncan, and it was in Duncan where they first opened the 2 Cajun Express food truck. This business, however, was not the couple’s first experience with food. In fact, that history can be traced all the way back to their first meeting as small children.
“I was sitting in the middle of a mud puddle eating a mud pie,” Lisa said. “When we got older and he saw me again, he liked what he saw. He was like, if this woman can make a mud pie taste good, obviously she can make food taste good, too, and Ricky is a man who knows all about good food.
“His family has been in the restaurant business for over 100 years,” she said. In fact, the recipes they use for both the restaurant and the food truck have been passed down in the Berzas family.
The recipes have also proved popular in Oklahoma. They now have three food trucks in addition to their new restaurant. It is truly a family business because they run the businesses with help of two of their adult children.
2 Cajuns Southern Cuisine is located at 112 Paradise Alley in downtown Ardmore. It is currently open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and their food trucks can be found traveling from city to city all over the region. Restaurant hours will soon be expanding to include dinner service on Friday and Saturday evenings.