The seasons change and so does fashion. As with the weather, the change is often gradual but some shifts can be dramatic. Summer 2018 is no exception.

The summer’s biggest trend for women is without a doubt the tie front top. Employees of The Pocket Shop, The Rage and The Stag all stressed the item’s current popularity. 

“We definitely have a lot of the tie tops,” said Hayden Hunt, manager of The Stag. “We went to market and that’s all there was!”

This must-have item comes in a variety of styles ranging from casual and t-shirt-like to stylishly chic and appropriate for the office. The “knots” themselves also display wide variation. While most are simple ties at the bottom of the blouse, others are much more intricate and wrap around the body in unique ways.

“They are very flattering,” Elizabeth Douglass, manager of The Pocket Shop, said while explaining the style’s popularity. “Especially around the midsection.”

Another unique trend for this summer is the kimono. 

“We like to do kimonos,” said Douglass. “They’re really good to throw on at the pool or over a basic dress or top. It keeps you cool in the summer, and it’s fun with lots of different prints.”

Prints are continuing to prove popular. Spring staples, stripes and florals, remain on trend but summer brings fun, seasonal options sure to make a statement. 

“A big summer trend is tropical prints because everyone is going on vacation and they want to wear something with all the palm trees, pineapples, watermelons and other fun things,” Douglas explained.

As with the plastic-wear trend this spring — which wasn’t mentioned at any interview, ideally indicating a fade into obscurity — one new trend was a bit of a shock. 

“What’s coming back is bell bottom jeans,” Hunt said. “We have two pairs of bell bottoms that we love. Everything always come back around!”

In 2018, the look comes in a variety of styles. While some are similar to those worn during the previous decade, many of the “new” variations look much more like something from the 70s. 

Finally, it wouldn’t be summer without swimwear, and in 2018 the one piece is beating out the bikini. 

“One piece bathing suits have been huge,” said Douglass. “It’s so weird because everyone is usually about the bikini.” She went on to say that she saw many women embracing this trend at Lake Murray on the 4th of July.

“A lot of people are wearing them with graphic prints. I saw lots that had fireworks or slogans like ‘Babe Alert.’’”

In men’s swimwear, shorter swim trunks are replacing the longer board shorts. This shorter trend also continues into everyday casual wear.

“We’re selling a lot of the shorter shorts,” Hunt said in regard to menswear. “Some of them are pretty short, but that seems to be the style right not for younger guys in college and high school.”