New businesses are popping up all over the city and more are scheduled to begin breaking ground in the near future.

A major project that will soon begin construction is the Market Street at Ardmore shopping center located on 12th Street NW. While initially scheduled to begin by the first of June, this project is now expected to start no later than September 1.

“They are still doing the back end part of it,” Jessica Scott,  City of Ardmore director of development services, said. “Before any construction project begins, there is so much to do with the land, the drainage. So there's a lot of stuff that goes on before they actually break ground and they working on all of that.”

Staying on 12th Street NW, Scott said a new fast food restaurant could potentially be moving into Ardmore Commons.

“It's not public record yet, but we'll have a new restaurant there, probably very, very soon,” Scott said.

“We've got a lot of interest from Panda Express. They've been calling a lot,” Scott said. “They've already looked at three different places in Ardmore, so maybe the fourth one is a charm.”

Scott also said Popeye’s now has its certificate of occupancy. 

“This means they can bring employees in to go ahead and cook and train,” said Scott. 

Scott said, “People want to be here. Businesses want to come into our community, but it has to be the right time. It has be be the right location. It just has to be the right fit. All these things have to line up in order for things to come through. There is so much that has to go on behind the scenes before you see the first truck out there starting work.”