After Thursday night’s city council meeting, Marietta Mayor Kimberly Fraire explained some of the meetings highlights.

“We’re putting a new trash system into place,” said Fraire. “It only requires one driver which is great because we can put other people on projects we have coming.”

The new system will make all trashcans uniform across the city, similar to the system in place in Ardmore. 

“We’re hoping with this to make everything streamlined and more efficient,” Fraire said. She also pointed out how much this benefits the workers who will now not have to get out in the rain or be exposed to loose garbage when trash bags break.

“I’ve really done everything I can to make their life better,” she said in reference to not only sanitation workers but all city employees.

City residents will also enjoy new amenities.

“We went into an architectural engagement for the splash pad because we will not only be building the splash pad but a bathroom and pavilion so that people can have picnics and outdoor birthday parties,” Fraire said. “It piggybacks off the fact that we are redoing all four parks, one in each quadrant.”    Fraire went on to discuss items that will be on the agenda for August’s council meeting. 

“We have to do the cemetery hearing next month,” she said. “For years you used to pay a fee every month if you had a plot, and so that money can only be used for certain things. As we were going through everything, we realized there was $150,000 in the account. So my city administrator who is wonderful, he went through all the records and he found out that it’s the cemetery care fund.”

With this care fund Fraire hopes to pave roads, put up new fencing, and install a restroom facility. She wants the citizens to voice their opinions and vote at the meeting to approve or disapprove of her proposals.