Next Friday night, Lakeview Golf Course will be illuminated with dozens of glowing golf balls as teams of four compete in Ardmore Arbuckle Sunrise Rotary Club's 18th annual Night Golf Tournament.

Chapter President, Melanie Blackburn described the tournament.

“The teams play nine holes prior to sunset and nine holes after with glow-in-the-dark balls and other equipment,” Blackburn said. In addition to the unique challenges of playing on a dark course, there are also plenty of surprises in store for the first nine holes.

“There will be a set of rules that the golf teams get that put a different spin on things,” she said. “For example on one hole it might be that everybody has to hit from the women's tees.”

Each of the first nine holes will have its own “special rule” and Blackburn said that everyone always has a wonderful time.

During the break between the evening and night portions of the tournament, contestants will receive dinner courtesy of Chick-fil-A, and get to take part in a raffle with prizes donated by community partners.

All proceeds raised from the tournament will allow the Ardmore Arbuckle Sunrise Rotary Club to continue the work they do for the community. Blackburn explained one of the club's largest projects.

“One of the main things we do every year is we provide dictionaries to all third graders in Carter County,” Blackburn said. “When we first started the project we just did Ardmore Schools. Then as time has progressed and we've had successful fundraising, we've been able to spread that out.”


In addition to using the dictionaries during the school year, students get to keep the dictionary they received and continue using it throughout their school career. 

“They get those dictionaries, and they are theirs. They have their names in them, and they get to take them home at the end of the year,” Blackburn said.

In addition to this local project, the Rotarians also use the funds raised to go towards international, national and statewide projects taking place with Rotary International.

This golf tournament provides the funds for all of these projects, and there are still a few spaces left for teams of four. Contact the Ardmore Arbuckle Sunrise Rotary Club through their Facebook page to get your team signed up.