Medical emergencies can be scary and highly emotional events no matter where they occur. 

About two months ago, some of the staff at Gold Mountain Casino experienced that first hand. One of their own, Assistant General Manager Dawn Butler, experienced what her physicians called ‘Broken Heart Syndrome,’ or sudden cardiac arrest. Butler said she hopes sharing her story might prompt others to take care of themselves, as the issue arose due to an untreated blood pressure issue. “They said the condition is extremely rare,” Butler said. “My co-workers’ quick response saved my life.” Butler said she and her large extended family are grateful to her ‘work family.’ 

Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Services Director Bob Hargis said he and his staff wanted to recognize the Casino’s security staff for their heroic actions on May 17  by presenting them with a plaque. “Their quick response and team work with the SOAS team saved a life,” Hargis said. 

One of the security officers who was on the floor that day, Kristel Reyes, credits their ability to act to the trainers at the Chickasaw Nation. “It was a matter of being prepared to handle that situation, knowing what to do and being in the right place at the right time,” Reyes said. “My co-workers jumped in and acted immediately.” Reyes said that quick response and team work between herself and Alicia Bark, security officer, and Brad Horne, security shift supervisor, made all the difference in the extremely emotional situation. 

Butler also presented the security staff with certificates of recognition at Gold Mountain Casino on Thursday.