Funds are still available for historic buildings that might need some sprucing up.

The City of Ardmore introduced the facade grant, a grant specifically meant to help pay for renovations to historic buildings, last year. This year, $25,000 in funds were made available, but so far only one property owner has applied. Ardmore City Planner Stephanie Keyser said two more are still getting approval. 

“They have to go through the historic preservation board, so next month we have two more going through the HP specifically for the facade grant,” Keyser said. “So we’ll have more.” 

The owners of 101 West Main, formerly Exchange Bank, will be the first to complete the application process. 

“The top floor of that building is all boarded up, so he’s doing that,” Keyser said. 

She said last year the window to apply was fairly narrow, so Ardmore Development Services extended it for the second year. 

“This year, it seems like [the projects] won’t be as big,” Keyser said. “Last year there were three total renovations, so they were like $20,000 projects. This year they seem smaller scale, like windows or re-plastering a building.” 

Once an application has been approved, the city will reimburse 50 percent of renovation costs for up to $5,000 per project. 

“It’s really just another tool to help revitalize downtown,” Keyser said. “We’re doing the streetscape, that’s one project, and we’re doing the facade grants, another project that’s helping the city work toward that revitalization.”