This Saturday, Concert in the Park will return to Central Park for its second installment, and local singer/songwriter Ethan Stedman is set to take the microphone.
Fortunately, in front of the microphone is where Stedman feels most at home. Many have caught his performances at local venues like Red Dirt Brewhouse and Two Frogs. His love of music, however, stretches back to his childhood.
“I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 years old, and I’ve been singing for longer than that.” Stedman said. He said his initial experience in performing in front of an audience came from being involved in plays as a child.
It was not until high school, however, that Stedman began to write songs. Once he got to college, his career as a solo artist started as he began performing his songs around local venues.
This weekend, many of his song choices will come from his 2017 EP, Whiskey Rain, a collection of songs he began recording at the age of 21.
“When we recorded it, I didn’t want to put it into a category,” he said when asked about his musical style. “I just wanted to record it and see where it landed. I wouldn’t really call it Red Dirt, and I wouldn’t really call it Nashville. It just is what it is, and I love the way it turned out.”
In addition to tracks from Whiskey Rain, he will also do a selection of cover songs as well as premier a few new songs.
“The concert in the park will be acoustic,” Stedman said. “It will just be me and my guitar.”
Whiskey Rain is available on iTunes and Spotify for those who would like to get a taste of Saturday’s show. For more information about him visit his Facebook page or check out his Instagram @ethanstedmanmusic.