During an emergency meeting on Friday, the Lone Grove Water and Sewage Trust Authority passed a resolution limiting outdoor water usage until further notice.

Houses with even numbers will be able to water their lawns on even numbered days of the month, and houses with odd numbers can water on odd numbered days. Those who violate the resolution will receive a written warning from the Lone Grove Police Department the first violation. Any subsequent violations will result in a fine.

After the resolution passed, Mayor Jeff Matthews explained the situation.

“The reason of this problem is typical,” Matthews said. “We’ve had over a month of 90 plus weather.”
He then pointed out that cities all over the region are often forced to pass similar measure during the summer.

“We have two smaller towers, and it’s just a problem that we have,” Matthews said.

There is, however, hope on the horizon.

“We have one well that has been refurbished and we’re waiting on DEQ to say we can use it,” he said.

The well will produce 110 gallons per minute, Matthews said pointed out that if it  had been running, the current situation might have been avoided.

In the mean time, the city will rely on the emergency water booster which can create some problems for city residents.

“Any time you turn that booster on, that’s a 12-inch line that will stir up a lot of stuff fast,” Matthews said. “We try to bleed it all out out, but a lot of times it doesn’t happen.”