A small grass fire sprung up between Interstate 35 and Ardmore Regional Park on Monday afternoon, despite rain earlier in the day.
The fire scorched just under half an acre of land before Ardmore firefighters extinguished it at roughly 4:30 p.m. AFD Captain Brian McDaniel said he isn’t sure what started the fire, which is common with grass fires.
“It’s not bad, but it did hop the fence so we sent a truck into the park,” McDaniel said.
The fire started along I-35, north of the northbound exit for Veterans Boulevard. The park was mostly unscathed.
“Let people know that even though we had rain this morning, conditions are still dry,” McDaniel said. “When the wind blows like this, vegetation dries out really quickly.”
McDaniel said high winds don’t just spread fires, they can whip moisture out of grass relatively quickly.
“We had rain this morning, and here we are at 4:30 p.m.,” McDaniel said. “And it’s already dry enough to burn. It’s unfortunate.”
Most of the state has been under drought conditions since last Thursday, according to the United States Drought Monitor. Southern Carter County is experiencing moderate drought while northern Carter County is only considered abnormally dry.