The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety released a statement Tuesday afternoon regarding disruptions in service statewide. 

An electrical outage Sunday morning caused a computer hardware problem, according to the release. The issue has caused a statewide outage affecting all driver’s license sites. The Department of Public Safety and all tag agencies are unable to process any requests for licenses or state identification cards at this time. 

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Lt. Kera Phillipi confirmed Tuesday that the outage is ongoing. “It’s only affecting driver’s license and state ID card processing,” Phillipi said. “Tag agencies are still able to process vehicle tags.”  

Phillipi said she had not had reports of the outage affecting law enforcement agencies’ ability to search the state’s databases, however Ardmore Police Department Deputy Chief Kevin Norris said they have experienced intermittent issues with checking vehicle registration, driver’s license status or criminal histories for charges going to the DA’s office. 

DPS said they are working with the vendor who supplies the hardware to fix the problem, but it is currently unknown how long this process will take. According to the statement released Tuesday, DPS will update the public on the issue via social media at