The Ardmore Animal Shelter adopted out 13 lucky dogs during a special event yesterday, and more are available.
The shelter lowered its adoption fee to $25 during National Adopt a Shelter Mutt Day on July 31.
Ardmore Animal Shelter Director Jeanine Jackson said a few dogs are still available for the lowered rate.
“There are dogs that have been at the shelter for a few weeks,” Jackson said. “We’re just trying to find them a home.”
Jackson said the name of the event doesn’t make much of a difference. Most dogs brought to the shelter are mutts.
“Sometimes we’re very successful with adoptions and sometimes it’s a bit slow,” Jackson said. “We’ve had a quite a few available, so we took advantage of the day.”
July and August are typically the shelter’s busiest time of year, and this year is no exception. Puppy season runs through July, and July 4 typically brings in a high number of runaways scared away from their homes by fireworks.
“We have been pretty full,” Jackson said. “What’s good is that today we ended up finding homes for several of the older adult dogs that have been there for a long time.”
Before the event, the shelter’s 64 dog kennels were at capacity. Jackson said it probably won’t be long before the shelter is full again.
“If we have to double up, we usually do,” Jackson said. “We don’t turn anything away at the shelter.”
The Ardmore Animal Shelter will participate in another adoption event, the nationwide NBC Clear The Shelters adoption drive, on August 18. Jackson said the shelter participates yearly with a reduced adoption rate. The Ardmore Animal Shelter is located at 321 Carol Brown Blvd. in Ardmore.