This Saturday, The Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma is taking us back to the era of the Macarena, dial-up internet and Doc Martens, courtesy of their 90’s themed prom.
Executive Director Leslie Dvorak said this will be the second year the organization has hosted a decade themed prom fundraiser.
“Last year we had our first prom with an 80’s theme and we hope it can become a signature event for us,” Dvorak said. “We decided we wanted to do a different decade every year just because we were afraid we’d limit age groups if we stuck with the same decade.”
In addition to the music played, the experience becomes even more authentic because most attendees come dressed in clothing representative of the era. Dvorak described this as one of the best parts of the night.
“Last year we had characters from the 80’s, we had some Back to the Future characters and we had some people that really went all out with 80’s prom. It was a great mix and we’re anticipating that again this year. I think that’s what makes it so much fun. There’s really not a required dress code, so people can just come and have fun with the decade.”
Dvorak plans on having fun with the 90’s by dressing up with her husband as a famous couple from the era. While she has been sworn to secrecy on the specifics, she promises that it will be very interesting.
In addition to the music and costumes, other activities will take place during the event. This includes a wine pull and a raffle for prizes. But one of the biggest highlights of the evening will be the coronation of the prom king and queen. To top everything else off, Dvorak said there may be a few other surprises popping up throughout the night.
While the purpose of the evening is for everyone to have a good time, Dvorak explained why the funds raised are so crucial to the Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma.
“Our main mission is homelessness prevention, so about 80 percent of our services go to prevent homelessness in our community. So we help those on the verge of homelessness, whether that’s paying a bill for a utility that’s about to be shut off, helping with prescription medications, rent, or things like that.”
In addition, they also operate the Grace Day Center where the homeless can go during the day. While there, they have access to showers, laundry, food, resume assistance and help with finding employment.
So this Saturday night take inspiration from the Spice Girls. Slam your body down and wind it all around at the 90’s prom.