Ardmore police have responded to at least three instances of counterfeit bills over the past two weeks.
APD officer Nicholas Denewellis was dispatched to the 2500 block of NW Commerce Street on July 23 for a fraud complaint. In that instance, a hundred dollar bill was attempted to be passed that appeared to be forged. Two alleged suspects were identified in the case and charges were sent to the Carter County District Attorney’s office.
This week, APD officer Skylar Bartlett responded to a business in the 100 block of Holiday Drive in reference to a counterfeit bill. The alleged forgery had been located during the nightly deposit count, according to the officer’s report. No suspect was identified at that time.
In both instances, the bills were released to law enforcement. For some bills, there are no obvious signs by sight that it may not be legitimate tender. “There are a few things that make it easy to tell,” said American Nation Bank Customer Service Representative Caitlin Faustner. “A counterfeit bill will feel different. There will also be differences in the printing quality and security features.” Faustner said a legitimate bill has a raised texture  around the face and the edges of the printed area, whereas a counterfeit bill will be flat.
“Sometimes you’ll see smaller denominations that have been washed and printed over, so the marking pens may not work,” Faustner said. “Security features should be visible when held up to a light—the face will be visible as well as the correct denomination.”
A legitimate bill should appear clean, Faustner said. “There shouldn’t be anything extra added, including text or symbols,” Faustner said. Any bill that carries printed symbols, extra lines, or text such as “motion picture use only” is not real. “There should also be even spacing in the serial numbers,” Faustner said. Each bill should have the same serial number printed on it twice, with subsequent bills having a different, nonsequential number.
Both Faustner and law enforcement officials encourage anyone who believes they may have encountered a potentially forged bill to turn it over to the authorities. “Try to remember where you received it, and as many details as you can,” Faustner said.