Plot twist: Spots in Ardmore’s community garden are available for fall.
The Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department restarted the community garden at Whittington Park last year. The garden is divided into eight plots for community use, with water spigots nearby. The garden was first created several years ago, but fell into disuse.
No one has taken to the task quite like Landmark Bank Vice President Dave Mordy, who was a vocal supporter of the project last year. Mordy said initially he’d hoped local businesses and church groups might pick up a plot as a project, but so far only Big Five Community Services has participated.
“It’s a lot of effort but it’s really a lot of fun, and it’s helping people in southern Oklahoma who need the help,” Mordy said.
Mordy said he’s documented giving away 100 quart-sized bags of food to the local Food and Resource Center of South Central Oklahoma, and another 74 bags to friends, acquaintances and the occasional stranger.
“That’s what it’s all about,” Mordy said. “Whenever I go to the [food and resource center], there’s always a line. There’s always people out there who need it and I don’t think people realize there’s a way.”
He said he started with lettuce, green beans, snow peas and tomatoes in the spring and has since moved on to melons, peppers, cucumber and okra. This fall, he plans on growing lettuce, corn, radishes and cantaloupe.
“I really hope we can get more people for fall,” Mordy said. “The time to plant is probably, give or take, the first of September.”
Mordy said anyone who is interested in a community garden plot but isn’t sure how to start should contact him directly at
“I really want to get this garden going,” Mordy said. “It’s a gorgeous park that’s not used a lot. The opportunity is there and it’s been a lot of fun.”
Anyone interested in taking over a plot can contact Alicia Henry at the Ardmore Parks and Recreation Department.
“I’m really trying to get the fall plot concept going because it’s about time for lettuce and spinach,” Mordy said. “There’s four or five plots available.”