After more than 8 months, the Ardmore Police Department believes they have pieced together the events that lead to the deaths of Karlie Clearman and Justin Sullivan on an early Saturday morning, November 11 in Ardmore. The bodies of Cleaman and Sullivan were found inside of a burned car near a house on Anderson Street SE, later investigations would produce evidence that both were shot and killed prior to the car being burned.
On Thursday morning, Carter County District Attorney Craig Ladd filed 2 counts of first degree murder and one count of felonious possession of a firearm on Carlton Dion Franklin, 32, of Oklahoma City.
Ardmore’s Assistant Chief Kevin Norris said Ardmore officers transported Franklin to Carter County early Thursday, Franklin had previously been in police custody in Oklahoma County.
“We believe Franklin was an acquaintance with one of the victims,” Norris said. “I cannot say that he escaped, but we do know that he was obviously not in the home (Halfway house) where he was suppose to be at the time and that he was in the Ardmore area.”
Norris said the 8-month investigation included more than a dozen search warrants and hundreds of man hours before turning the investigation over to the district attorney’s office.
“We were sad and disheartened when this homicide occurred,” Norris said. “We are glad and ecstatic that we are finally starting to put this to rest and we hope in the next, month, year, two years, however long this is, that in the end, the victims will have justice, that the families can have faith in the system that we were the voices for the victims that couldn’t speak for themselves.”

Bond for Franklin has been denied. A preliminary hearing is set for November 16.