A pair of shoes can go much farther than you might think thanks to a local shoe drive.
Arbuckle Life Solutions, an outpatient substance abuse education program that handles alcohol and drug addiction, is holding a shoe drive for national nonprofit Funds2Orgs. Kevin Bone, with ALS, said they mostly serve people leaving residential treatment facilities who are transitioning back into daily life.
Funds2Orgs will pay ALS to collect shoes, which they will then pick up, refurbish and donate to people in need in other countries. ALS’ goal is to collect 2,500 pairs and use the money to buy a SmartBoard for their substance abuse education classes. So far, they’ve collected about 200 pairs.
“I just thought this was a cool deal and I hadn’t seen it done before around here, so we’re trying something new,” Bone said.
Bone said any shoes with intact soles and no holes can be donated. Funds2Orgs will donate about $1,000 in exchange for the shoes.
“Any shoes except skates, we can take,” Bone said.
Bone said this is the organization’s first time doing this particular fundraiser.
“I thought it was pretty unique,” he said. “Once the drive is over they’ll send a truck, pick it all up and later distribute them.”
Donations can be dropped off at Arbuckle Life Solutions on 10th Avenue NW. Staff will also pick up donations. He said their fundraiser has a long way to go before their goal is met.
“100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes each is our initial goal, but anything over that would be awesome,” Bone said.
Bone said the organization recently added a youth substance abuse program for people 17 and younger. The program is free.
“We’re trying to find programs that fit within our mission,” Bone said.
To schedule a pickup, contact Arbuckle Life Solutions at 580-226-1656.