The community is banding together to support an Ardmore family whose home and belongings were destroyed in a fire Wednesday.
The Williams family was unharmed, but their house in the 300 block of 2nd Street SE is considered unsafe. One elderly family member was treated for smoke inhalation. Jenny Williams said since then, her family has been staying in Lone Grove and regrouping.
“We’ve been trying to get into contact with everyone we possibly could,” Williams said. “Pretty much everything is gone.”
Williams said she was at work when the fire started. Her husband, two-year-old niece and eight-year-old daughter and her grandmother were home when the fire started. She said once her daughter noticed smoke, the family grabbed what they could and ran outside.
“I’’m not sure what happened, I just know it happened fast,” Williams said. “By the time they got out, the back of the house was already in flames.”
Williams said a family friend started a Gofundme campaign to raise money to help them recover, and the family has been reaching out for clothing donations. Williams said she and her family have been overwhelmed by the response.
“It’s so nice to see people wanting to help us out as a community,” Williams said. “You don’t now how much I’ve cried. We’re very grateful.”
Williams can be reached at 580-222-3193.