The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for Halloween with the Haunted Forest attraction.
Assistant Director for the City of Ardmore Parks and Recreation Alicia Henry said the planning team has shifted from monthly meetings to meeting every two weeks as the event draws closer. “Right now we’re getting our volunteers set up and working on scheduling,” Henry said. “It’s not likely that everyone will be able to volunteer for all seven nights.” The staff is working to sign up everyone who wants to volunteer as guides and characters.
“Ardmore Little Theatre is getting props and building costumes,” Henry said. “We are also taking donations as well.” Henry said the Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service is getting involved as well, providing assistance to create realistic ‘severed limbs and body parts’ and other effects. “We’re getting to the actual building of the haunted forest,” Henry said.
“Money is great for donations, but if anyone has things like dolls, PVC pipe, spider webs and things like that, we can build off of those,” Henry said. “Things like spray foam or paint would be extremely helpful. Donations don’t have to actually be haunted, but if they are, that is just a bonus.”
For volunteers, Henry said they just have to be at least 13 to be a carnival worker or a character, but the guides need to be at least 16. “Guides will be bring groups through the trail,” Henry said. “We want someone a little more responsible who would be able to handle things if something got out of hand.” Right now, the parks and recreation staff is collecting names and email addresses of those interested. Participants will need to complete a background check before the trails open.
“I will be sending out email blasts once we are ready to get started,” Henry said. There will also be an orientation for volunteers. For those who want to be characters, Henry will get them in touch with the appropriate people with the ALT as well.
“On the Haunted Forest’s Facebook page, we actually have a story that sets the theme,” Henry said. “It’s based off of witches and a lady who lost her baby and things like that. Within the forest, other things will be incorporated,” Henry said.
The friendlier trail for those who may not want to be ‘that’ scared is called the Hidden Hollows. It will be a shorter, less frightening experience. The other, longer trail, Dead Acres, is ‘everything you would want out of a haunted forest,’ Henry said.
For more information, please call the Ardmore Parks and Rec office at (580) 223-4844, or message them on Facebook at