Ardmore police officers responded to a call shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday regarding a vehicle stuck on the train tracks near the downtown Depot Station.
When officers arrived, the vehicle was not occupied, but they were unable to remove it from the tracks before an oncoming train collided with it, APD Sgt. Matt Dunn said.
The vehicle had to be removed from under the train by a wrecker service, and no injuries were reported.
Dunn said an individual was detained in the incident and transported to the Carter County jail, though no arrest or charging information was  available yet. No  damage to the train or the surrounding area was reported, and the train was released from the scene after a two-hour delay.
While not uncommon, Dunn said anyone who finds their vehicle stalled or stuck on any train tracks should evacuate to a safe location and immediately call the police.
“If we contact the railroad in time, they can notify the operator so they have time to stop,” Dunn said, adding that the field of vision at night can greatly impact the train operator’s ability to spot objects on the tracks in the distance with enough time for the train to stop.