A water line break in northwest Ardmore Sunday afternoon obstructed traffic into the evening. 

The break occurred near the intersection of 4th Avenue NW and Easley. A homeowner contacted the city’s water department after noticing very low water pressure, then water seeping up in his yard. 

“We got a call around 1:30 p.m.,” said Public Utilities Director Shawn Geurin. “There was a 14-inch pipe which had split.” Geurin said approximately 11 feet of pipe had split, causing a large amount of water to cover part of the roadway. 

“It was a large line for the city,” Geurin said. “It caused a lot of damage to the road.” Crews began working on the issue immediately, beginning with shutting water off via a nearby valve.“ Three homes were without water while we worked to repair the damage,” Geurin said. There were businesses that could have been affected, but they were closed. 

Geurin said there is no way to determine the exact cause of the break. “It could be that the ground shifted because it has been extremely dry,” Geurin said. “Or it could just be the age of those particular pipes.” 

Geurin said the work crews were able to restore water around 8 p.m., just under seven hours from the time of the initial call. 

The roadway has been patched, but there were still cones marking off the area on Monday afternoon.