Ardmore dispatchers and administrative staff completed training for a new E-911 call system Tuesday, according to Carter County E-911 Coordinator Shelly Stahlbusch.
“The last session is wrapping up today and the new system will go live in the morning,” Stahlbusch said. “We hope that it goes off without a hitch.”
The changes to the E-911 system won’t affect law enforcement or emergency services, Stahlbusch said. “We were out of contract with the old system. We just happen to be switching companies this time.” All emergency 911 calls in Carter County are routed through the dispatch center.
The difference with the new system includes a few changes. All the phone lines will now run through the same system, Stahlbusch said. “One system will now be used for all our calls. That will be for both administrative and emergency dispatch calls.” There will also be built in directories for both administrative and 911 calls, as well as changes and updates to the system’s mapping. “There are a lot of neat features that we’re not accustomed to,” Stahlbusch said.
There are other upgrades in the works, Stahlbusch said, including the addition of a new program called Rapid SOS. “On top of the system that we’re installing this week, Rapid SOS will give us better location information. We will have intensive information for the public once we go live with that.”
The new app will provide additional location information through the user’s cellular phone.