Concertgoers and employees were injured by a falling metal structure while waiting to attend an outdoor concert at WinStar World Casino, according to a statement released by the casino Saturday.
According to the release, staff began evacuating the outdoor concert venue in response to a storm in Thackerville at 5 p.m. The storm hit roughly half an hour later, knocking over metal trusses near the entrance and injuring 14 people that were treated at the scene before being transported to local hospitals.
The trusses collapsed onto the crowd waiting for the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees to take the stage. Multiple ambulances, Love County emergency responders, Lighthorse Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded and roadways into the casino were closed.
The National Weather Service in Norman reported that a storm passing over Thackerville caused a sudden and violent burst of wind known as a downburst or microburst.
“As it hits the ground it spread out and can cause a lot of damage in a localized area,” NWS meteorologist Todd Lindley said. “This appears to have been a very localized wind event from that storm.”