The person who threatened the Oklahoma School for the Deaf has been identified and the school will reopen on August 27.

The school closed August 16, the week before the start of the school year, after someone left a threatening message calling for a specific employee to be fired. Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services Communications Director Jody Harlan said the school learned the caller had been identified on Monday.

“We had some information from the call that they probably didn’t know we could see,” Harlan said. “We showed it to the FBI and they were found within a matter of hours.”

In the week leading up to the call, the school had received countless emails and messages on social media calling for the employee to be fired due to her alleged connection with someone that had participated in the harassment of a 12-year-old transgender student at Achille Public Schools. However, only one person left a threatening message.

“The school became a target because of that alleged connection,” Harlan said.

The school used extra security guards throughout the weekend, but no one approached the campus. In fact, the caller made the threat from Los Angeles.

“We didn’t know if anyone would show up, so we had all of our bases covered,” Harlan said.

The Murray County District Attorney will decide whether or not to file charges against the caller. No charges have been filed yet and no arrests have been made.

Harlan said in her time at DRS, she’s never seen a situation like this one.

“The thing that impressed me most was that the school already had an emergency protocol in place,” Harlan said. “Everyone did exactly what they were supposed to do, but we’ve never had anything like this happen before.”  

An FBI spokesperson said the FBI assisted local authorities in the investigation. Sulphur Police and the Marshall County Sheriff are now handling the investigation.

“We had some details, but we didn’t want to speculate,” Harlan said. “We know he was identified and he’s confessed.”

The school will reopen August 27. Academic and extracurricular activities have been rescheduled. Harlan said the school hasn’t made any personnel changes.