Rex was born and raised just north of Oklahoma in Parsons, Kansas, but has lived in Oklahoma for the last 14 years in Broken Arrow.  He studied economics at Missouri State University and political science at College of the Ozarks.  With a diverse, blue-collar background, Rex has worked in aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing,emergency services and currently works as a manager in automotive paint supplies.  Rex’s mother, son, and grandson all reside in Broken Arrow, and many other family members are scattered throughout the state.

Why are you running for this office?
Tired of ‘business as usual’, Rex was recruited as a voice for the disaffected, liberty-loving Oklahomans living under a false duopoly that did not represent the character of the state.  It’s time someone stands up to the establishment and restores proper governance to the people, and Rex was decided to be that man.

What do you think are the top three biggest challenges facing our state?
Education, criminal justice reform and financial Mismanagement are the three biggest issues facing the state.  Rex will return power to the people by enforcing open government laws, restoring common sense legislative reform, provide transparency beyond anything previously seen in any level of government, anywhere, and hold feet to the fire to ensure an end to state-wide corruption.

What are your top five priorities to address while in office?
 Putting money back in the classrooms and out of special interest hands, returning control back to families to live their lives as they see fit, returning the priority of government to their primary responsibility of ensuring individual liberty, removing state corruption at all levels, and re-engaging people in the practice of taking an invested role in their governance.

When faced with a specific situation that puts your personal viewpoint at odds with a great many of your constituents, what decision do you make and why?
I have run on a platform of open and honest disclosure.  If I am elected, those who put me in office will know exactly what I would do in any situation and why.  I will stand by my platform and do exactly what I have campaigned upon, regardless of political consequences.  I will not divert from what I have promised the people.  To do so would be dishonest and place me no better than any of the old duopoly, who has failed us for so long.
Property rights are fundamental to civilized society, and my principles align with the protection of personal liberties.  Lands currently in trust held for the people will be preserved in their natural state as much as possible.  Privately held resources are at the subject of their owners, to be used as they see fit.  The state doesn’t have a role outside these parameters for preservation, but you will find that the protection of private property and good stewardship such as I have outlined will provide all the protections necessary.  No one should ever be able to damage someone else’s property without consequence.