During Monday afternoon’s meeting, the Ardmore Development Authority accepted a bid to repair cracks and sealcoat on Taxiway B at Ardmore Industrial Airpark. According to Manager of Airport Operations Chase Tindle, the project is “very much needed.”

“As part of our agreement for assurances to continue receiving federal monies, part of our agreement is to maintain the pavement that was installed by federal funding,” Tindle said. “This taxiway was micro-surfaced by federal funding.” In short, this project is necessary in order to continue receiving federal funds.

Tindle said the project will have minimal effect on airport operations.

“The work should take about one business week,” Tindle said. “So air traffic control can route traffic around that taxiway.”

Of the two bids that were received, the ADA selected the one for $146,116.30 from Vance Brothers, Kansas City, Missouri. ADA President and CEO Mita Bates pointed out that the ADA itself will be paying for these improvements and no grant money will be used for the project. Revenues derived from mineral revenues can be used for payment on this project. The mineral revenues were another item on Monday’s agenda.

For the month of July, the ADA came in $148,293.02 over budget from revenues derived from mineral rights.  $143,000 comes from a settlement reached on some past due payments from mineral owners.

The month of July was also a lucrative month for the city in the form of sales tax revenues. The city took in $137,089.22. This is $27,089.22 more than the city had in its budget.