Businesses in Healdton are on the lookout for funny money after at least four cases have been turned over to the city’s police for investigation.
HPD Officer Erik Fox said those four cases have come to light over the last week and a half. “We have seen $100 bills that have ‘for motion picture use only’ printed on them, as well as $1 bills,” Fox said. “It seems like people don’t read that text.”
Fox said in Healdton it appears the bills are coming from Facebook Marketplace sales in which the recipient of the cash doesn’t generally deal with money — so they don’t realize they’ve been given a fake bill until it’s too late.
“Then they come out to Healdton and pass it at a business without realizing it,” Fox said.”We spoke to one gentleman who passed a $100 bill. He sold a phone in Ardmore from a Facebook post. I don’t believe he realized the bill was fake. When he tried to pass it at a business, they informed us, but the man made it right with them.”
Fox said no charges were being filed in that case, but the situation is being monitored.