On Saturday evening, Ardmore Parks and Recreation will conclude its Concert in the Park series, and according to Recreation Supervisor, Tes Stewart, this is an event that will continue next year.

“It was a great experience,” Stewart said. “It was great for the community and a great showcase of some of our local talent. About 150 people came out for each show and it was just a really good time. We are really looking forward to growing this event year after year.”

To help with that growth, the final act for the 2018 season is Tishomingo’s Strongwood. The band has performed at numerous local events, but for those unfamiliar with their music, lead vocalist Rick Hodges shared a bit of information.

“Strongwood had been together for about 10 years, but we stopped playing for awhile,” Hodges said. “Then around five or six years ago a whole new group of guys got together and started playing under that name. The band is really just a bunch of Tish guys I’ve known because if you live in Tish you know everyone.”  For Hodges, this camaraderie is one of the best aspects of being in the band. “When you first start up it’s all about getting up on stage, and then it just evolves into being more about the relationships inside the band.”

Hodges described their style as a mixture of all genres but said he personally likes to perform classic rock.

“The other guys are younger than I am but they let me pick a lot of the songs,” Hodges said. “But we play it all. We just look out and see what kind of house we’re in.”

For those attending Saturday’s concert, Hodges says to expect some classic rock, 90’s rock and about 10 original songs. Anyone who wants a taste of Strongwood’s music or find out about their upcoming dates can visit their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/StrongwoodHodges/.