The person who called in the threatening message that closed the Oklahoma School for the Deaf last week, delaying enrollment and the start of their school year, called back.
The caller initially left a threatening message on August 16 stating anyone associated with a specific employee would be in “grave danger,” prompting the school to close. Sulphur Police Chief David Shores said the individual called again on Wednesday afternoon, prompting the school to go on lockdown for several hours. Shores said the caller identified himself as “Daniel Lahoda.”
The Oklahoma branch of the FBI worked with local law enforcement to identify and contact the caller, who promptly confessed — after the first incident. The call came amid larger efforts on social media for a specific OSD employee to be fired due to her connection to someone who allegedly participated in the harassment of a transgender student at Achille Public Schools earlier this month. OSD’s Facebook received numerous comments and messages, but only the phone call was threatening in nature.

The second call was not threatening in nature. However, the number he called from was first identified as coming from Colorado, which prompted the lockdown.

“It seemed as though though he was headed this way,” Shores said. “The FBI went back and made contact with him and made sure he was still in Los Angeles.”

The caller identified himself, mentioned the police chief by name, cited his first amendment rights and asked about the status of the OSD employee.

“He also gave his information to the school,” Shores said. “He gave the secretary his name and number.”

Shores said he is waiting on a statement from the FBI that includes the caller’s confession. Once he’s received it, he’ll prepare paperwork for the District Attorney’s office, who will then decide whether or not charges should be filed.

Class is set to resume at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf on August 27.

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