Law enforcement officers deal with a lot of difficult situations throughout their careers. For many, the hardest are the cases with no resolution.
On the morning of June 30, 2014, Ardmore police officers responded to a shots fired call in the northeast section of town.
Officers patrolled the area, but were unable to find any indication of where the shots may have come from in the predawn hours of that Monday morning.
“Back then, that was not an abnormal occurrence,” said APD Cpl. Matt Miller. “There were lots of calls about gunshots, reports of people’s homes, cars and businesses having been shot up overnight. A lot of times people didn’t see it until they went out the next day, when it was light out.” Miller said there were many cases around that time involving multiple gunshots. “That was before the RICO case,” Miller said. That case, now solved, involved the District Attorney’s office,  many police investigators and patrol officers
uncovering an organized crime ring where at least 12 people were charged with crimes related to
racketeering, intimidation, and other gang-related criminal activity.
A few hours later, just after sunrise, a motorist saw something that didn’t look right — a woman slumped over on her front porch. That motorist turned around for a second look. What they saw prompted them to call the police: 59-year-old Ella Loftis, shot to death on the front porch of her home in the 900 block of A Street NE.
Initially believed to be tied to gang activity, Loftis’ death was discovered less than 24 hours after another shooting victim, Velonta Anderson, was killed in the parking lot of a local bar. While APD does not have concrete evidence linking the two shootings, they are believed to be related to gang activity in the area.
The Loftis case has now been reopened and assigned to Miller and APD Detective Landon Gary.
“Our investigation consists of pouring over the evidence, interviews and statements, looking for anywhere we can gain a foothold,” Miller said. “We were unable to test any kind of ballistics [from the scene].”
Gary said there were persons of interest in the initial investigation, who were all interviewed and released. “More than anything, we need someone to come forward,” Gary said. “It’s likely the person who shot this woman talked to someone, told someone what they did. Somebody needs to do the right thing and give this family some closure.” Gary said after four years people have likely forgotten things, except for those who truly know something. “It comes down to the fact that someone killed a 59-year-old grandmother, and that person is still walking the streets of Ardmore.”
While there are some parts of the original investigation that have not been shared with the public in order to preserve the integrity of the case, Miller said one thing they can share is that an anonymous person called and left a partial, credible tip in 2014 — but they did not leave contact information. “Whoever that person was, if they’re still out there, they probably know who did this,” Miller said.
If you have information about this case, contact Det. Landon Gary with the Ardmore Police Department at (580) 221-2515.