Last Sunday marked the sixth consecutive week of complimentary meals served up by a team of volunteers on West Broadway.
Jeff Hobbs said he simply wanted to share a meal and companionship with anyone who needed a place to be on Sunday afternoons. A few short weeks later, a team of volunteers have served an average of 175-200 meals a week— all on donations from the community.
“We have seen some people come back every week,” said Brandy Hall Stewart, a volunteer from the planning stages of the project. “We’re beginning to learn names and build a bond with the community.”
Stewart said they’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback, letting them know the open and nonjudgmental environment is much appreciated. “Some people just show up for the fellowship,” Stewart said. “We’ve also had people stop by just to thank us for what we’re doing.”
Some of the meals served have included grilled hotdogs, street tacos, sandwiches, enchiladas and barbeque. Stewart said they have had community members and a professional chef volunteer their time to cook the meal.
“Everyone who shows up is hungry,” Stewart said. “Some for the food, some for the connection.” Many have shared with Stewart that they are living on a fixed income with dependents — often with little to no other resources to help with meals over the weekend.