Editor’s note: Candidates for state and national offices on the ballot for the August 28 runoff election were invited to respond to questions for profiles in The Ardmoreite. Those who chose to respond will be featured alongside their ballot opponent. For those that did not participate, basic information will be provided.

Mary Brannon was born in Ada, Oklahoma at Valley View Hospital, the same hospital Blake Shelton was born. She graduated from Norman High in 1970, and went on to OU and became a Language Arts teacher and then school counselor.
 After teaching 25 years in Purcell ISD, she retired four years ago.

 Why are you running for this office?
I am running for Congress because I will vote people over party.

What do you think are the top three biggest challenges facing our state?
I will reverse the tax scam that only made the rich more wealthy, and added to the debt, now a crushing $21 trillion. Our kids, their kids, and their kids will be stuck  paying it off. Republicans now want to take our earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare to pay down this huge financial obligation they caused!
They are also trying to make the VA private with the Koch Brothers,  which will close all VA hospitals. My brother is 100 percent disabled from two tours in Vietnam and he, like all other Vets, does not want to close VA hospitals.  I never thought at 66 years old I would be running for Congress to keep my Hero brother with health care.

What are your top five priorities to address while in office?
Right now I am helping people in Talihina trying to keep their VA Medical Center open.  To know more about me, Visit  FB  Brannon4congress, electbrannon.com or twitter @electbrannon. I will work for all the voters, not just the ones with money.

When faced with a specific situation that puts your personal viewpoint at odds with a great many of your constituents, what decision do you make and why?
No answer given.