Marietta Public Schools’ newest construction projects are all fun and games.  

The district’s proposed $1.2 million bond issue passed Tuesday night with 67 percent of the vote. Marietta Superintendent Brandi Naylor said the funds will go toward renovating athletic buildings and replacing seating at the school’s football field. 

“We are looking at replacing our home-side football bleachers and building locker rooms and a hitting facility at the softball field,” Naylor said. “We’re also remodeling our old football fieldhouse into a track fieldhouse.” 

The concrete home-side bleachers will be replaced because the middle portion of the structure was declared unsafe and condemned shortly before the beginning of the school year. The middle portion will be closed to guests until the whole structure is replaced with new seating. 

“We’d been working with a structural engineer all summer long,” Naylor said. “We looked at suggestions, like bracing the bleachers to reinforce it, but it just wasn’t cost effective, so we just chose to not use them for the season.” 

Naylor said construction on the new seating may start as early as January, but there is no set timeline yet. 

“It’s definitely been a bummer, but now we can move forward,” Naylor said. “And we really appreciate the community supporting us.”