It’s a busy time at Lone Grove City Hall. City Manager Ian O’Neal talked about some of the things currently underway. One major project that is complete is the resurfacing of Lindale Road, which crews finished up on Tuesday.
“They went in to chip and seal it,” O’Neal said. “So that’s one project down, and I really can’t stress enough how much a help our County Commissioner Jerry Alvord helped us out to get that project funded and completed.”
Another major issue facing the city is the water rationing which O’Neal explained.
“The water rationing is still going on,” O’Neal said. He then said that recent rains have not really helped to solve the problem. “We’re all ground water so the rain doesn’t really help much. The only way it really helps is that when it rains the people don’t want to water their lawns as much.”
O’Neal will be meeting with State Sen. Simpson today to discuss some possible options and ideas to improve the city’s situation. Simpson has some possible ideas other than grants to get the city the water it needs.
“Grants don’t usually help us very much because of the fund matching,” O’Neal said. By this he is referring to a requirement in many grants that says any grant money awarded must be matched dollar for dollar with local funds. Small municipalities like Lone Grove are unable to come up with the funding to match many of the grants available.
There will, however, be some improvements coming soon to Lone Grove’s water supply. This will come in the form of two new filters that will be installed onto two of Lone Grove’s city wells.
“We got the new filters in for the wells last Friday,” O’Neal said. “We hope to start hooking them up in the next couple of weeks.” The filters will take the iron, magnesium and calcium out of the water, and O’Neal said these elements are the primary ones that interfere with water heating elements and ice makers. The filters will also help with discolored water in the city.
Finally, he spoke a bit about the work the city is doing on ordinances for medical marijuana.
“The attorney and I met yesterday for about three hours, talking about ideas for medical marijuana ordinances,” O’Neal said. “We read Ardmore’s and we read a couple other municipalities. So we’ll probably just be tweaking those to make them fit Lone Grove.” He did stay that nothing is official and they may wait until the legislature meets in January to see if any new regulations or guidelines come out. “Do we really just want to put something down that we’ll just end up having to change?”
O’Neal said that so far only one person had been by city hall asking for information about ordinances to start up a marijuana dispensary.