The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority opened their website to a deluge of applicants for medical cannabis licenses last week. 

The OMMA took to Twitter and Facebook to handle questions and issues as applications, and problems, began rolling in. 

Twenty-three applications were approved Saturday, a trial run for the newly-minted agency. The first day 996 patient, 615 business and three caregiver license applications were submitted. By Sunday morning, updated numbers totalled 1,188 patient, 263 dispensary, 358 grower, 108 processor and seven caregiver applications. 

With that volume of applications, issues were bound to arise. Some of the numbers may be slightly skewed, as some applicants omitted information and were unable to correct applications waiting to be reviewed by the OMMA, so submitted new applications. On their Facebook page, the OMMA instructed applicants to simply wait for their application to be reviewed to make those corrections. “If you submit an application that has missing information… you will get an email advising you of that situation once the application is reviewed,” the statement said. Another statement said Yahoo! and AOL email providers may fail to deliver email from their Complia-based system. “Users are encouraged to register using non-Yahoo/AOL emails,” the statement said. OMMA also said those experiencing issues applying via mobile devices should use a laptop or desktop computer instead. 

Oklahoma State Department of Health spokesperson Tony Sellars said the best source of information is OMMA’s social media platforms via Facebook and Twitter @OMMAOK. 

By 8 a.m. Monday morning, 1,363 patient, 288 dispensary, 389 grower, 118 processor and nine caregiver applications were received via the online portal — that’s 2,167 total applications. As those applications continue to roll in from across the state, the process from application to approval is still being ironed out.