The Pansy Garden Club of Ardmore will begin their 66th year of meetings on Sept. 13, and this year new President Becky Johnston will be presiding over the patch. A transplant herself, Johnston and her husband only recently moved to Ardmore from Omaha, Neb.

“Two years ago I came down and visited my first meeting with a friend,” Johnston said. “When we moved down here the next year, I joined.” Always one to enjoy a challenge, she now finds herself as president of the organization.

“I’m just so excited because I have all these plans for the year,” Johnston said. “But our big push this year is for some new membership.”

The group currently has around 20 members, and every meeting begins with a light dinner followed by a short business meeting, followed by a gardening and nature program. Some examples of past topics include what flowers to plant to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and what plants are best for a new season.

“Mostly we just try to have fun,” Johnston said. The fun includes holiday parties, crafting projects around Christmas, and drawings for gifts. The gifts are typically plants or other items appropriate for the current season. She also stressed that the club isn’t entirely about gardening. “We just want to let the community know we’re here by helping them out whenever we can.”

This year the group has two major projects in the works - collecting supplies for the Veterans Center and donating food and cleaning supplies to Ardmore Animal Care. The funds for these projects will come from membership dues.

For more information about the Pansy Garden Club, contact Becky Johnston at or stop by the first meeting on Sept. 13.