Local Girl Scout troop delivers with act of kindness

The Junior members of Troop 618 of Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma have had a busy summer. They have actively been collecting items and packaging them into boxes. On July 6 they delivered 50 of the boxes to DHS for distribution to children separated from their families. The boxes are called “Smile Boxes,” and come with a sticker attached that says “because we care and want to see you smile.”

The boxes come in three different varieties. One is for infants and babies and contains items like bottles and pacifiers. The second box is for children up to the age of 10, and the final box is for children and teens over the age of ten. The boxes contain toiletry items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap and body wash and deodorant. In addition to these essentials, they also contain blankets and items like crayons and coloring books and the toys that come in kids’ meals at fast food restaurants.

The collection activity is part of their efforts for the Bronze Award, the highest award a Junior Girl Scout (4th and 5th grade) can get. In order to receive the award they must plan a project that either benefits the local community or in some way benefits Girl Scouting as a whole. The girls of Troop 618 chose to help the local community, particularly local children.

Another criteria for the Bronze Award is that the project must be led by the girls themselves. So the girls as a group came up with the idea and  carefully made a list of the things that needed to go in the boxes. Supplies to fill the boxes, were solicited from their schools, churches and area businesses.

The girls said that during the course of the project, they learned a lot about themselves and that they also love helping others. They also said that in addition to being fun, assembling the different items that go into the boxes has taught them a great deal about organization.

When they aren’t busy helping out the community, the girls said that one of their favorite things about scouting was going on camping trips. The best part about camping, they said, was being away from their parents and siblings. This was followed by about 30 seconds of solid laughter. They also said that they liked making new friends. This particular troop is composed of girls who attend Lincoln and Plainview. 

While the first 50 boxes have been delivered, the project is still ongoing. They are currently assembling more Smile Boxes to deliver to the Family Shelter. Once those boxes are complete they plan on asking the Children’s Shelter if they could make use of some Smile Boxes. For anyone interested in making a donation, contact Troop Leader Jimmie Hathorn at freelance1@cableone.net.