On Monday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., All Music Matters Entertainment will be serving up burgers and hotdogs from their new studio location at 14 Sam Noble Parkway. For $5, attendees will receive their meal along with a voucher that entitles another person to eat for free. The voucher allows the second guest to come back any time before 4 p.m. to get their meal. Everyone who attends will get the opportunity to meet some of the artists currently working with the artist development label and enjoy music from a live DJ.
All Music Matters Entertainment is a nonprofit corporation that works with up -and-coming musicians in the Texoma area. Their current crop of talent comes from the top four contestants from the talent show they hosted in June. Founder Harold Johnson II explained the goal of Monday’s event.
“We’re hoping to generate operational expenses for the artists’ projects,” Johnson said. “Each project contains a demo of new material along with a video that goes with it. Once each of the artists finishes their demo, we will be releasing a compilation EP of all their songs.”
Over the course of six months, the label will be working with the artists to complete their projects and raise their profile within the community. Monday’s fundraiser will be the first major event since June’s talent show to help the artists work on this goal. Winner J. Barnes is one of the artists confirmed to be in attendance.
“We really want them to see this is all part of the process,” Johnson said. “The music industry is more than making, music, making a video and looking good in front of the camera. It’s also about getting out there and giving back to the community.”