A long-awaited groundbreaking Wednesday set the wheels in motion for construction to begin at the Market Street at Ardmore on 12th Avenue NW. 

State Sen. Frank Simpson gave the invocation. “I want to thank you, Mr. Collins, for your investment in our community,” Simpson said. 

Burk Collins, a developer who is originally from Oklahoma, said he has invested approximately $78 million dollars in Ardmore development projects. Collins said his family’s support is imperative to the work he does around the state. 

“In addition to Market Street, we are set to begin other projects soon,” Collins said. “We will be developing the first new center to come to McAlester in 30 years. It will contain Hobby Lobby, Ross and TJ Maxx.” 

There is more in store for Ardmore as well. Collins said Market Street has letters of intent from several retailers, in addition to “sure things” with Academy, FFO Home, and Home Goods. 

“We will see more interest now that we’ve broken ground,” Collins said. “It’s already pretty leased up.” 

Another project on the horizon is a re-model of the Commerce property that formerly housed a Fenton dealership. Collins said both projects are good investments in Oklahoma’s future. 

After Collins’ announcements, state and local officials dug into the new project during the ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremony.