The meeting of the mayor and board of commissioners was short, quick and to the point on Tuesday evening.
The major item on the agenda was for the city to accept ownership of Depot Park. Assistant City Manager Kevin Boatright explained why the action was needed.
“This will put the Ardmore Main Street Authority in the guidelines for the grant available from the the Land and Water Conservation Department,” Boatright said.
The grant, if awarded in full, will be worth $600,000.
“Upon review of the National Park Service, they made the decision that they would be more comfortable awarding the grant if the city was in control,” Boatright said.
While the park will be technically controlled by the city, AMSA would be responsible for all fundraising to build the park and all maintenance charges once the park is completed. AMSA will also be responsible for providing the city with a land survey and current abstract of the land where Depot Park will one day stand.
The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the transfer.
Another item on the agenda was a request for an additional $511.97 to be used to complete the new Fire Station Number 3. Fire Chief Cary Williamson said the additional funds will be used to help complete the final punch list for the new station, which is expected to begin the final week of September.
The additional funds were also unanimously approved.