The City of Ardmore has granted permission for local businessman Jason Smith with J&L Properties to build an indoor firing range within city limits. If all goes according to plan, the firing range will be located on the west side of South Commerce approximately 2,280 feet north of Highway 70.
The city’s approval of the firing range comes after Smith’s original  request to build an outdoor range was denied in March. Ardmore Director of Development Services Jessica Scott explained how the approval process works.
“In order to have an indoor firing range within the city limits, you have to have a Conditional Use Permit,” Scott said.
Smith sent a letter to the planning commission dated May 1 where he laid out his plans. According to the letter, the indoor range will have 12 firing lanes, a retail store, and a small deli. The range will also contain an on site classroom where people can assess training and certification.
“There aren’t going to be any high-powered weapons,” Scott said. “Only pistols and rifles will be allowed.” She also said noise should not be an issue.
“He’s got engineers working on making it totally soundproof,” Scott said. “Not only will you not be able to hear the shots from the street, but you won’t even be able to hear them if you’re sitting in the deli.”
Smith declined a request for comment until more details are finalized.