A photo of Ardmore Middle School students in detention wearing matching orange shirts while cleaning windows caught attention on Facebook on Thursday night.
The initial post has been shared on Facebook more than 270 times at the time of this writing, with many commentors drawing parallels between the shirts and a prison uniform. ACS Superintendent Kim Holland said he wasn’t aware the school was using the shirts – which he said were donated items — for the purpose.
“Someone sent it to us on Facebook today and we immediately said ‘absolutely not,’" Holland said.
He said he told the school to stop the practice immediately.
“That was something they were evidently using to differentiate the kids who were in detention,” Holland said. “It struck me as making the kids feel as though they were in prison, which is inappropriate.”
Late Thursday night, Holland said he didn’t yet know who began using the orange shirts, and wasn’t sure how long they’d been in use.
“That’s not something we approve of and we’re not going to do it,” Holland said.