The residents at Canoe Brook Ardmore Assisted Living stay busy with a variety of activities. From game nights to themed parties and trips out for lunch, there is always plenty of fun to be had. One group, however, is particularly fond of working on arts and crafts projects. 

“We have about 36 residents here, and everybody participates in the activities,” said Donna Dodd, activities director. “These guys, though, are the ones who work their hearts out on the arts and crafts.”

The arts and crafts team is composed of Glenda Garvin, Rosa Hibbard, Velma Peery, Carole Phillips, Bob Sanford, Julia Schwarz and Sara Smith, and they love working on the projects. This year they were bound and determined to get their work into the contests at the fair.

For their blue ribbon winning project, they worked for a month hand beading and threading a wall hanging. It also contains feathered strings that once ran the length of the piece. The feathered string almost caused the project to be ruined before it could even be entered.

“I was was walking in to enter it into the fair and accidentally dropped it on the ground,” Dodd said. All of the feathered string became so tangled they could not be undone. This happened at around 5 p.m. and the piece had to be entered by 6 p.m. in order to make the entry deadline.

“I  was just bawling when I came back and went into the cafeteria where they were eating,” Dodd said. But the group was not to be defeated. They left their dinner and diligently went to work fixing the project. They cut out all of the tangled pieces, added some new, shorter strings, and Dodd was able to make it back to the fair in time to get the piece entered.

Their second place winning project was a mirror lined entirely with rolled magazines.

“They take one sheet of magazine at a time and roll it individually on a wooden skewer,” Dodd said. “One piece at a time, it’s then measured, cut, and glued on individually.” All and all this piece took over two months to complete, and Dodd said that was working on it almost all the time.

Dodd also related that the judges told her that this piece would have likely taken the grand prize if it were not for two small pieces of magazine that fell off during the transportation from the home to the fair.