The public got an up-close look at plans for Ardmore City Schools’ performing arts center on Tuesday night.
Project Architect Cory Baitz and Chief Executive Officer Garrett Miles, with the architecture firm Miles Associates, presented the latest version of the building’s schematics during Tuesday’s board meeting. Once completed, the building will contain a performance hall that seats 800, a smaller black box theater, art galleries, rehearsal spaces and rooms for additional classes.
“We’re all proud of it,” Miles said. “The district did not want an auditorium, they wanted a theater, and we’ve worked diligently along those lines to deliver that.”
The building will be located west of Noble Stadium. The Noble Stadium parking lot will also double as the center’s parking lot. During the meeting, Baitz said the current plan is to create pathways for vehicles and pedestrians that will connect the existing parking lot to the
center’s bus drop-off area.
“We want to pay attention to how people are making their way in after parking in the parking lot,” Baitz said.  
The current design shows two main entrances that flank an outdoor plaza. Baitz said the area was designed with outdoor activities or performances in mind. The land the center will be built on is sloped, something the team had to be mindful of when designing the building.
“From the south side of the site to the north side of the site it drops off about nine or 10 feet,” Baitz said. “One of the reasons the entrance is at the southeast corner is to get it at that high elevation.”
The version shown at the meeting is not the final version. The presentation was meant to give the board and attendees the chance to ask questions or make suggestions.
“A performing arts center is a very technical building,” Baitz said. “ Especially with the acoustical requirements. We’ve been really pleased with everyone involved, Ardmore, Fenix, and our consultants as well.”
Miles said the company has been working with the district from the beginning, starting with the first bond issue last year.
“We did this work for the concept for the bonds, and then we took a pause for the second shot,” Miles said. “It passed and then we were engaged further.”
The schematics will be formally presented to the school on Monday and a follow up meeting will be held on Thursday.
“There will be some updates,” Miles said.