A recent recorded instance of West Nile Virus in Gainesville, Texas, might be cause for concern, but, mosquito season is mercifully almost over.
The Gainesville Register reported Monday that a mosquito test sample taken in the city proved positive. On Thursday afternoon, the Houston Chronicle reported a Harris County man had died of complications from the virus, the second death due to the virus in Texas.
Oklahoma has seen seven cases of the virus and one death so far this year. Carter County saw two deaths as a result of the disease last year. Currently In southern Oklahoma the Zika virus is a more pressing concern.
City Engineer Thomas Mansur said there’s no easy way to gauge mosquito populations, but stagnant water from backyard pools or rain can exacerbate the problem.
“We’re coming to the end of spray season, but we make the decision (to continue spraying) on a day-to-day basis,” Mansur said.
Mansur said complaints about mosquitoes piqued in August, but the city is still using a combination of larvicide and pesticides to keep them from becoming a problem.
“Getting toward the end of the season and following rains, we try to step up our larvicide program,” Mansur said. “It’s in targeted areas, for example, the open channel ditch on Commerce  between Sixth and Twelve Avenue.”
Mansur said barring any unusual weather or conditions, spraying for mosquitoes will likely wind down by the end of the month.