Ardmore resident Shane Hawley, 45, was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 5 years of probation Wednesday in a non-jury trial on felony charges of lewd proposals to a child and attempted first degree burglary.
Hawley received sentences of ten years for the charge of lewd or indecent proposals to a child and for the attempted burglary charge, Hawley received a total of ten years — five years incarceration to be followed by five years of probation. Court records show that those sentences are to run consecutively for a total of 15 years of incarceration, followed by five years of probation.
According to Carter County District Court records, Hawley was previously found guilty on both felony counts.
Hawley was charged in March 2018 after a local family was awakened in the early morning hours to a man “peeping” on their teenage daughter.
At the time of his arrest, APD Capt. Keith Ingle said the juvenile victim thought she heard someone speaking in the hallway of her home. The victim notified her father after hearing the voice a second time. The victim told officers the voice made lewd proposals toward her.
Ingle said the victim’s father was able to describe the man to police after having gone outside with a flashlight. APD officers apprehended Hawley wearing the same clothing described by the victim’s father.
Hawley’s bond was set for $25,000 at the initial conference and a no contact order was issued as to the victim — including an order not to be within 1,000 feet of the victim’s residence.
Hawley was bonded out and released that same day.
The case was initially set for jury trial in August, but Hawley’s counsel, Ardmore attorney Jason May, said he thought the case was best suited to be heard by a judge.