For the rest of this week the Hardy Murphy Coliseum will be hosting some of the best horses and riders in the nation as they compete in Ardmore Barrel Futurity.
“We have them coming in from all over,” said Show Producer Ross Wright. “As far away as South Dakota, Minnesota, and Maryland as well as Oklahoma and the surrounding states like Texas and Kansas.”
Wright and her husband Steven have been producing the show for the past three years, but the event itself has been in Ardmore for over 20 years and was formerly known as the Jud Little Barrel Bash.
During the various competitions that take place, the horses run a timed cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The rider can choose to do either one left and two rights or one right and two lefts.
“We have $52,000 added over the course of the event,” Wright said. The competitions begin this afternoon with a $2,500 added 5D. “Then on Friday we’ll have our $20,000 added first go round of the Jud Little Futurity followed by a $5,000 added Derby and a $5,000 added open 5D.
Saturday morning will be the second go round of the Jud Little Futurity followed by the American Qualifier at 7 p.m.
“We have 73 entries in that, and they are running to qualify for the American Semifinals which can take them on to win $1,000,000 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington in March,” Wright said. Only the top ten times will be eligible to move on to the semifinals.
“On Sunday, there will be another open 5D with $10,000 added along with a side pot that adds another $5,000 with the Better Barrel Races,” Wright said. She went on to say one of the best things about the entire event is that it is open to both men and women and people of all ages.
“We have everyone from kids up to older people,” Wright said. “Everyone seems to be competitive and really enjoys the event. It’s just a really good time.”
Admittance to the events are free and open to the public so anyone interested is welcome to attend. There are also vendors selling a variety of items from Scentsy to western art and decor set up near the concessions area as well as in the stall areas. The entire event will also be webcast live at